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A Village In Need

Level Flythrough

This was a piece I made during a bootcamp with the games company Infinity27, driven by a desire to refine my skills as a Game designer in general. The focal point of this undertaking was the creation of a quest that would fit in their game Samsara, this meant I already had a theme for the kind of project I was going to be working on.

Furthermore, I aimed to integrate fundamental level design principles into my work. Drawing from insights into player psychology within the realm of souls like games, I applied concepts such as affordances, signifiers, leading lines, lighting and colour theory. These techniques were instrumental in subtly guiding the player's journey through the level, while still affording them the freedom to explore at their own pace.

A significant aspect of the production process involved meticulous refinement of all aspects of the overall design of the level. Through player testing and feedback incorporation, I iteratively improved upon the experience, ensuring that the final product was finely tuned to deliver an immersive and engaging gameplay expereience.

Skills Learned

  • Working in an agile environment
  • Miro
  • Colour theory
  • Deeper understanding of UE5 and it's features
  • Narrative and Quest design skills


  • Game Design / Level Design / Quest Design / Implementation

  • Play testing the level to figure out issues

  • Daily scrum meetings / Agile environment

  • implemented own blueprints using existing systems

Project Goals

  • A level with a predetermined amount of space I am allowed to use

  • A quest that that fits within the game Samsara

  • Dialogue between NPCs that would be in the quest

  • Blueprints for my own level


Project Images


Gameplay Video 

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