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Doorway to Hell

Level Flythrough

This was a piece I made for my final major project within Teesside University, driven by a desire to refine my skills as a level designer. The focal point of this undertaking was the creation of a level centered around a predefined set of mechanics, with a particular emphasis on traversal mechanics. This deliberate choice allowed me to introduce verticality to the level, enhancing its depth and complexity.

Furthermore, I aimed to integrate fundamental level design principles into my work. Drawing from insights into player psychology within the realm of action-adventure games, I applied concepts such as affordances, signifiers, leading lines, and lighting. These techniques were instrumental in subtly guiding the player's journey through the level, while still affording them the freedom to explore at their own pace.

A significant aspect of the production process involved meticulous refinement of the mechanics to harmonize with the overall design of the level. Through rigorous player testing and feedback incorporation, I iteratively improved upon the experience, ensuring that the final product was finely tuned to deliver an immersive and engaging gameplay


  • Game Design / Level Design / Implementation

  • Worked on the creation of all traversal mechanics/puzzles/traps for gameplay

  • Worked on the world building of the level making sure to add a narrative to different areas

  • Made sure to run play testing in order to gain feedback on Level Design and to see if there were bugs

  • Main focus on Level Design/verticality/use of open space

Project Goals

  • 1 medium - large sized level set in a forest

  • Multiple sections within the level so there is a sense of progression

  • Traversal mechanics

  • Puzzles and trap mechanics

  • A playable character and an enemy

  • Stealth aspects


Pre Production Proposal

Progress Review
(2 months of work)

Project Progression


Gameplay Video 

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