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Italian FPS Site

Level Flythrough

This piece of work was a task given by Teesside University the main task I was given was to ask myself a question in order to improve a specific skill which the skill I chose to focus on was balancing using level design. 

This piece of work was something that relied heavily on feedback from other people as without feedback I wouldn't be able to know if the level was balanced or not.

I wanted to only put the level in a blockout stage as fleshing out the level with art and more models wouldn't have helped me with the question I was asking myself which was "the importance of balancing using level design in a competitive fps map setting.


If I were to do this project again, I would definitely put more time into getting feedback and finding ways that would give the best results I could ask for.


  • Research into Italian cities

  • Research into FPS game titles like Valorant and CS:GO

  • I was responsible for the level design of the project

  • Play testing sessions in order to find issues with the levels

  • focusing on balance and making sure both teams have an equal chance at the level

Project Goals

  • Main goal was to focus on progressing my own skills

  • create a bomb site for a game like valorant/cs:go

  • incorporate balance into the levels

  • Find better ways to use play testing in projects


R&D Brief

Beauty Shots


old/new level comparison



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