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Japanese Shrine

Level Flythrough

This project was a piece that I wanted to create for my portfolio to show that I am able to do a variety of work.

I think I overall did really well with the actual design of this level. I tried to keep as close to realism as I could with this piece as I thought it would be disrespectful to massively change a shrine. So I kept all of the actual buildings from a normal shrine and put them in my work. I also liked how I tied in the story into the level such as how there are a bunch of dead bodies and fire this gives off the feeling that the area was attacked.

I believe I didn't add enough to this level such as world events or a clear goal. I kind of left that open to interpretation however I went into this project in the eyes of a level designer. So I added cinematics and set dressing to add story to the level.

If I were to redo this piece I would definitely add more world events, such as trying to open a door or having the player be able to check on an almost-dead person. I would also put a lot more effort into my work.

I recorded my weekly process by doing a blog which can be found here.


  • Researching the proper designs behind shrines

  • Keeping a weekly blog in order to show project progression

  • Creating a level blockout in order to layout the area

  • Fleshing out the whole level to look nicer

  • adding a narrative story to the level to give background 

Beauty Shots

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